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Situations that can lead to divorce

Most Florida spouses do not go into marriage thinking about divorce. When a couple decides to get married, however, they often hear and heed advice based on myths that can actually hurt a marriage and push it toward divorce.

While some of these myths might have some factual basis, the reality is that they are often the source of problems that later become family law issues. For example, many couples are told that it is normal for their sex life to dry up after a few years of marriage. However, experts say that a stable marriage and maturity should actually help each person feel more confident about themselves and therefore result in more intimacy. If couples perceive that their sex life is dwindling, they should work toward identifying the cause and finding time to bring that aspect of marriage back.

Other myths include the idea of complete equality when it comes to couples' responsibilities in the marriage. In fact, many successful marriages work because each person is flexible and knows when they have to pull a heavier weight. Keeping track of what each person is doing is actually a sign that the marriage is struggling. In addition, couples need to stop believing that personality flaws or the emotional baggage brought from previous relationships destroy marriages. In the end, it is more about how the individuals in these relationships handle these issues that determines if the marriage will survive.

For those residents whose marriages are headed for divorce, a consultation with a lawyer might be helpful. Legal counsel can provide information about divorce legislation, the options available and how to proceed with the process.

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