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LGBTQ Adoption: What is second-parent adoption?

Even though LGBTQ couples can legally marry nationwide, there are still complications when it comes to building a family. One phrase that often comes up is “second-parent adoption,” which generally refers to a spouse or partner adopting their partner’s biological child. However, many wonder whether it is necessary for their situation. Today, we cover second-parent adoption as it applies to LGBTQ couples.

New legislation could help adoptees gain citizenship

Numerous families across the United States adopt children, with many turning to international adoption. Though, international adoptions often have much at stake, both throughout the adoption process and once the children arrive in America. If you chose to add to your family through international adoption, you probably cannot fathom how you might feel if your child had to return to their place of birth. And for adoptees raised in America, the thought of returning to a country you never knew is likely terrifying.

3 things to remember when adopting an infant

When many people think of adoption, they imagine adoptive parents taking home a newborn baby. Many looking to adopt seek out this type of arrangement so that they can bond with their child as early as possible. However, there are important considerations in infant adoption that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Navigating the Florida stepparent adoption process

A stepparent often takes on a pivotal role in a child’s life. Whether the child has a relationship with both birth parents or one is out of the picture, their stepparent can offer love and support that goes above and beyond. At a certain point, a stepparent might be ready to adopt their partner’s child.

Frequently asked questions about privacy in adoption

When going through the adoption process, birth parents can generally decide how much or how little information they wish to provide. If a birth mother chooses a closed adoption, her identity can be kept confidential. Although attitudes surrounding adoption have certainly changed over the last few decades, there are still any number of reasons someone might wish to keep their identity private.

Three things to know about open and semi-open adoptions

An adoption is characterized as open, semi-open, or closed based on the amount of contact between a child’s birth parents and their adoptive parents. In a closed adoption, adoptive parents had no contact whatsoever with birth parents. The child’s adoption records often remained sealed until they were 18.

How LGBTQ adoption laws vary from state to state

In 2015, the Supreme Court held that gay couples had the right to marry in every state. However, laws about other rights for LGBTQ couples vary widely from state to state – adoption laws in particular. Some states have passed legislation to protect adoptive parents from discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Others have remained silent on the issue. Still, others have laws that seem to contradict themselves.

What expenses can adoptive parents cover for a birth mother?

Adoption is often a complex process. Not only are there various emotions at play, but practical concerns as well. In many cases, adoptive parents wish to help a birth mother with expenses relating to the pregnancy. Such an arrangement can help birth mothers feel more secure as well as give adoptive parents a chance to be involved before the child is born.

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