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Extra effort needed to help children cope with divorce

When divorces in Florida involve children, parents must take into account additional emotional challenges. A family therapist with 25 years of experience advises divorcing parents to focus on the well-being of their children and insulate them from the adult issues that ended the marriage.

OCSE to improve child support collection process

Payroll deductions account for 75 percent of the $33 billion in child support payments collected every year in the United States. Florida parents who depend on employer participation to get their court-ordered payments will be pleased to learn the federal agency in charge has taken steps to increase efficiency and improve processing times for recipients.

Retirement funds require precision when divided in divorce

People in Florida who have decided to divorce often find that the financial aspects of the end of a marriage are the most complex, outstripping the emotional and practical concerns. Given the fact that retirement accounts are frequently the largest asset held by a divorcing couple and the importance of these funds to both parties' future financial health, these accounts can be the source of particular contention. In a 2016 survey, 62 percent of divorce attorneys said that retirement accounts are the most difficult issue dealt with by their clients.

Early planning can prevent divorce headaches

Florida residents who are considering marriage may be well served to also think about what could happen to their finances if they get divorced. Many people think it's cynical to contemplate divorce, but the high rate of marriage failures makes divorce planning more likely to be relevant than many forms of common insurance policies found in most everyone's portfolio.

Asset division can be complex in late-in-life divorces

Over the past 25 years, the rate of divorce for people in Florida and throughout the United States older than 50 has more than doubled, and this rate is continuing to rise even while divorce among other age groups has declined. However, divorce later in life can carry with it significant financial complications, especially as many couples who have been married for a large number of years have a deeply intertwined financial life that includes an array of assets such as retirement funds, investments and real estate.

Federal government looking to take over child support data

Since 1995 when Congress passed the Family Support Act, Florida and all other states have been charged with monitoring child support orders and payment compliance. The budget proposal from the White House could replace the state-level system with one managed by the Department of Health and Human Services. The budget for fiscal year 2019 has requested $63 million for the agency to purchase a federal information technology system to track child support nationwide.

Divorcing parents can work together to focus on kids

When Florida parents who are unhappy in their relationships consider divorce or the end of a marriage, one of their central concerns is often what may happen to their close, loving relationship with their children. It is a fact of divorce that in most cases, each parent will spend some more time away from their children as a result. Furthermore, there are new challenges and tensions that can come with a co-parenting relationship with one's former spouse.

What to include as part of a parenting plan

Most Florida parents want what is best for their children. This is generally true during a divorce even if the parents don't get along well. When creating a parenting plan, it is important to make sure that each person has a fulfilling relationship with a son or daughter. Children generally need both parents in their lives assuming that they are not neglecting or abusing them..

Negotiating a settlement agreement

Many couples have trouble making settlement agreements when going through a divorce, and mediation may help those in Florida construct an arrangement. A mediator might help a couple negotiate settlement terms with the following factors in mind.

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