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Surrogacy And Reproductive Law

The body of infertility and surrogacy law continues to grow rapidly, as biotechnology expands the ways people can have babies. Florida couples are fortunate that this state is in the vanguard of providing a legal framework for emerging solutions to infertility.

Knowledgeable Surrogacy Law Attorney

Since the firm's founding over 25 years ago, Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, has been at the forefront of this evolution, drafting contracts that spell out rights and responsibilities in various scenarios:

  • Surrogacy agreements (including escrow management)
  • Fertility treatments
  • Sperm, egg and embryo donation
  • Embryo storage and "custody"

We have advised the different parties in these arrangements, including intended parents seeking a surrogate, women considering serving as surrogates, and egg and sperm donors. We have experience with the special considerations of surrogacy for same-sex couples. We also represent parties in litigation relating to these issues, such as breach of contract or dissolution of the intended parents' relationship.

Gestational Surrogacy Agreements

We have extensive experience in surrogacy law. Our lawyers have drafted and managed the signing of many surrogacy contracts that went on to protect the signers from future misunderstandings. (We handle only gestational surrogacy, in which the surrogate has no genetic connection to the infant. Our firm does not take part in traditional surrogacy cases, in which the carrier provides her own egg.)

Assisted Reproductive Technology

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) includes such approaches as in vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, cryopreservation and intrauterine insemination. This is complex science and unsettled law. Many legal questions surround these approaches. Who actually owns the embryos, eggs and sperm? Who is allowed to control their use?

Because the law is in flux and definitive answers are hard to come by, you need qualified legal counsel to understand what you are getting into and insulate you against adverse developments. Brandon Family Law Center drafts clear, legally binding ART contracts for its clients, clarifying intentions from the onset and anticipating many potential conflicts.

Seeking an infertility solution? We serve clients in the Tampa Bay area and beyond. Call the surrogacy and reproductive law attorneys at Brandon Family Law Center at 813-438-7119, toll-free 800-769-0129, or contact us online.