Adoption profile: David and Stacy’s Story

Posted by Mary - July 6, 2011
From David and Stacy Arthur:

Not long ago we adopted a little girl. As first time parents, we are both a bit surprised by how quickly she became the center of our world.

Our adoption experience was a story in itself, but space does not suffice to tell it here. There were bitter disappointments along the way, but in the end great joy.

If it is in your heart to adopt a child, you will hear a great deal of advice. Those that have been through the process will tell you that the experience is like a roller coaster ride and that it can be very trying. They will also tell you that it will be the most rewarding thing you have ever done.

Those of you that are parents will know this, but for you first-timers here is one thing that served us well: Make the best decisions that you are able, but know that there are a lot of strong emotions, feelings, people and events that are simply beyond your control.

Faith was probably a large part of what brought you to this point. Let faith take you the rest of the way.

A big lesson we took from our experience becoming adoptive parents was that you will need a lot of help from an effective third party. One can only imagine how difficult is it is to manage the emotions and needs of the birth mother as well as those of the adoptive parents; but Mary and her staff at Brandon Family Law Center succeeded in doing just that. Mary was there for us on every step of the way.

When all the dust settles and the baby is finally yours; sneak a look at Mary and you will see her smile. She really does have a heart for this, and it is a good thing to have someone like that on your side.