Adoption profile: Denise’s Story

My story begins as most stories do, with a desire.

My desire was to have a family; my dream was a big family, husband and 3 or 4 children. But little did I know that would not be my life. Looking back I see purpose for my singleness in being a co-caregiver for my mother, my mentor, I was able to help care for and be there for her as she had stood beside me. I almost wish that I had started this process before her passing because she would have been a really good Grandmother.

However, after her passing, my sight was back on my life and where I was headed, and once again my desire for a family was stronger than ever and back on my heart. As I began to pray for this asking God what this could look like, I started searching various avenues and adoption became my focus.

I knew as a single person adopting the process could be lengthy and for me the beginning has been just over 2 years. After receiving various emails about potential possibilities and talking with several agencies, I received an email the first part of August that there was a birth mother who wanted to place with a single mother to which I immediately responded with great interest.

It was early in the pregnancy, but this would be the second baby she had put up for adoption and the social worker was sure she would follow through. I was one of two profiles available for the birth mother to review.

After what seemed like a very long time, I finally received the phone call wanting to know if I would like to be the mother of the birth mother's baby. I could not believe it. She chose me, and many emotions came over me at one time. Of course I said YES! This was the first part of August. OMG I had to start getting ready. This would be my first child, and I have nothing.

The next big announcement would come the first part of November when I would find out that my first child would be a BOY! I would have been happy either way; I just wanted to know. Oh, by the way, his name will be Knox Edward.

Now, as I complete the process, I am able to see my dream of a family come true. Dreams really do come true and I am truly grateful for this opportunity. I am also grateful for the opportunity to work with Brandon Family Law Center. This was my first experience with adoption and they have made the process one of ease as a single person adopting. I had talked with other firms and agencies and found the staff at Brandon Family Law Center to be friendly, informative, and available to answer any question I had.

Thank you, BFLC, for all your assistance in this wonderful gift of adoption!