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Will Contests

From our law office in Brandon, our attorneys not only offer a wide range of estate planning services, but they also represent the interests of clients in will contests following the death of a loved one. We understand the emotional turmoil that accompanies the loss of a loved one. Therefore, we understand how much harder the probate process can be if family members suspect fraud or wrongdoing with regards to the will. Our firm seeks to provide legal guidance and emotional support for those who need help asserting their rights and protecting their inheritances.

The Process Of Contesting A Will

In Florida, as in most states, you must have grounds on which to base your will contest. Common grounds include:

  • Noncompliance with state law
  • Fraud
  • Incapacity
  • Undue influence

If you suspect that one of the above affected your inheritance, you can file a petition for the revocation of probate in the court with jurisdiction over the estate. Once you have filed the petition, you must prove the will in question to be invalid. You must file the petition before the probate process completes.

If you are considering contesting a loved one's will, our attorneys can explain the process in detail and help you determine whether you even have a solid case. We will then explore all of your options for resolution, up to and including going to court if necessary to protect your inheritance.

Learn More About Will Contests From Our Legal Team

To speak with one of our lawyers at Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, about your loved one's will call us at 813-438-7119 or emailing our office. We represent families throughout the Tampa Bay area or those from outside the area who may have probate concerns within our jurisdiction.