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Florida Child Support FAQ

In most divorces, one parent winds up paying the other child support. The exception to this rule is when parents share custody on an equal basis and both make about the same amount of money. But these circumstances are unusual.

The big question of child support, then, is what is the right amount to pay. The state of Florida uses a formula for calculating support, but it is wise to have an experienced child support lawyer work with you to protect your interests.

At the Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, we will ensure that child support is calculated correctly the first time. We protect the rights of our clients as they navigate transition. For more details about child support in Florida, please visit our child support overview article.

Why Are The Numbers Important?

While the child support guidelines use a formula, this is only as accurate as the numbers plugged into each column. This is where we can help. We can identify tactics that might be used to lower a salary or other income ensure all income is included for a fair support award.

How Does Child Custody Affect Child Support?

The amount of time each parent spends with a child according to a parenting plan or time-sharing arrangement is taken into account in the child support guidelines formula. Even when each parent receives time-sharing of at least 50 percent of the time, child support can still be ordered if there is disparity between what each parent earns.

When Can You Modify An Existing Child Support Order?

Usually there must be a significant change in circumstances. Job loss or a significant promotion that substantially affect income are good reasons to go back and request a change.

We are adept at stepping in and requesting modifications to existing agreements on child support. It's important that these modifications be made with the court's approval — otherwise, they are not legal and may be reversed, often at great cost.

What Level Of Child Support Is Appropriate?

Email our Brandon child support attorneys or call our firm at 813-438-7119 to set up an appointment. We will be able to answer your specific questions and explain how we can help.