Child Support And Alimony

In most divorces, one parent winds up paying the other child support. The exception to this rule is when parents share custody on an equal basis and both make about the same amount of money. But these circumstances are unusual.

The big question of child support, then, is what is the right amount to pay. The state of Florida uses a formula for calculating support, but it is wise to have an experienced child support lawyer work with you to protect your interests, along with the best interests of the child, in court.

Tampa Alimony and Spousal Support Attorneys

Florida courts have the power to order alimony to be paid to either party in a divorce or dissolution. Alimony can be either ongoing or temporary.

Alimony requires two factors: One side must have genuine need for support, and the other side has to be able to afford it. Proving need and affordability is a large part of what a lawyer in an alimony or spousal maintenance decision must do.

Other questions asked at an alimony hearing include:

  • What standard of living are the two people accustomed to?
  • How long were they married?
  • How old are the parties? What kind of shape are they in emotionally?
  • What resources does each side have?
  • What contribution did each side make to the marriage?

Because all these areas require description, an articulate, persuasive attorney is a very valuable asset in an alimony hearing.

Pursuing Child Support Modifications

Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, is also adept at stepping in and requesting modifications to existing agreements on child support, child custody and other matters. It's important that these modifications be made with the court's approval — otherwise, they are not legal and may be reversed, often at great cost.

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