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Parenting Plans & Time-Sharing Arrangements

This topic used to go by the name child custody and visitation. Since 2008, Florida family courts have followed a different approach to these issues, under the names shared parenting plans and time-sharing arrangements.

The emphasis of the new laws moves away from who is awarded time with the child and toward the concept of co-parenting.

Creating A Parenting Plan The Courts Will Approve

Parents who are divorcing must now create a parenting plan, which will explain:

  • How parents will be responsible for and share daily child-rearing tasks
  • Who will make decisions regarding health care, school, religious upbringing and other areas
  • How the parents will communicate

The parenting plan also must include a detailed time-sharing schedule, including holidays, school breaks and birthdays, showing which dates and times each parent will have with the child.

Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, was one of the first Florida firms to adapt to the new laws, terminology and attitude.

The plan you draft must be specific, not approximate. Each birthday should be spelled out in detail. You should include a plan for exchanging time and even a contingency plan for one parent moving to a different area.

Thoughtful Tampa Parenting Plans Attorneys

Because this is a new set of laws and requirements, you are advised to work with a law firm that is up on the new requirements and enjoying success with its clients' plans.

We invite you to contact Brandon Family Law Center to ask questions or to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation with a lawyer.

Unsure who will get the kids in your divorce? The new system of parenting and time-sharing plans requires attorneys who are up to date and creative in their solutions.

Assistance With Relocation Issues

An important section of your time-sharing agreement will be your plans for possible relocation — where the children will live if one of you moves away. This is an issue that will have a tremendous bearing on your children's happiness. Let us help you do it right. Contact the Brandon, Florida, divorce and time-sharing attorneys at Brandon Family Law Center at 813-438-7119. Or write us using this link.