Experienced And Balanced Approach To Family Law

There are four desirable traits of a good attorney. Most lawyers fall into one of these categories:

The compassionate lawyer: These lawyers emphasize sympathy, compassion and having lots of Kleenex on hand. This is a wonderful attribute, but does not by itself guarantee a successful outcome.

The aggressive lawyer: These attorneys are the hired guns, the winners at all cost. With a very aggressive lawyer, you may win your case but alienate everyone in the process.

The knowledgeable lawyer: These attorneys have formidable experience in the law and know what works and what doesn't. They set emotion aside and stick with the facts.

The collaborative lawyer: These attorneys are skilled at using the talents of others — therapists, child psychologists, financial analysts, paralegals and staff. Your chances improve because everyone is on the case.

What Kind Of Divorce Lawyer Is The Best?

A good divorce lawyer is a combination of all of the above: considerate of your feelings, but also aggressive enough to want you to win. Successful lawyers have to know the law, but they also have to be talented strategists, able to turn to others to help them make the case.

At Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, we work hard to present a balanced set of skills, to obtain the best possible outcome for you. At different times during your divorce, we'll be all these things: empathetic, aggressive, experienced and collaborative.

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