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Estate Planning For Nontraditional Families

The growth of nontraditional families requires legal services to account for the unique aspects of the family unit and ever-changing laws. At Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, we put protections in place to ensure rights are protected and wishes are carried out.

Grandmothers raise grandchildren. Couples live together without entering into marriages or civil unions. Single parents are raising children on their own. And there are many polyamorous families in our society. Before making any decisions regarding estate planning, we encourage members of nontraditional families to visit us for an initial consultation. We will educate you on your options and rights.

The Challenges And Complexities Of Estate Planning For Nontraditional Families

As with any form of estate planning, we want our clients from nontraditional families to have documents that put them in control of vital matters that include:

  • Ownership of the family home
  • Custody of minor children
  • Surviving partner's rights to manage property of minor children
  • The right to make financial and medical decisions for partners and minor children
  • Making sure that family wishes trump state probate laws
  • Designating beneficiaries on life and other forms of insurance

Our objective is to minimize the impact of estate and income taxes, implement strategies to minimize will contests, provide burial instructions with authority going to the surviving partner, and ensure that estates are settled efficiently and in the best interests of the family.

Florida estate planning attorney Mary L. Greenwood remains at your side throughout the entire process. She attends to every detail of legal complexity so that the estate planning language is not vague, but clearly outlines your intent.

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