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Surrogacy For Same-Sex Couples

For many same-sex couples, the desire to expand their family is no different from that of traditional couples. Raising a child is one of the greatest joys of any family. Although surrogacy could present a greater legal challenge to same-sex couples in years past, the 2015 Supreme Court ruling affording constitutional protection for same-sex marriages opens the door for same-sex partners to grow their families through surrogacy in Florida and throughout the country.

Even with these constitutional protections, however, there are still areas of law that are unsettled and case law that is yet to be decided on related matters like surrogacy. Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, helps lesbian and gay couples navigate these complex waters to contract with a surrogate and establish equal parental standing for both partners. Our lawyers have extensive experience in both surrogacy law and LGBT law, as well as Florida adoption law.

LGBT Parents And Florida Surrogate Law

Theoretically, the 2015 Supreme Court decision should mean that a Florida same-sex couple can contract with a surrogate directly as a couple. However, surrogacy has always been a complex legal matter even for traditional couples, so it is critical to have an experienced lawyer — one who has been involved with LGBT law for an extended time — to help you through the process.

Attorney Mary L. Greenwood has practiced family law for over 30 years. She can help intended parents draft the appropriate agreements and get through the complex legal process of surrogacy. She has also represented gestational carriers who are having babies for intended parents.

Committed To Equality For All Parents

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