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The first thing you notice about Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, is that we work in a home of midcentury modern construction, built by a prominent Brandon family in 1953. This home symbolizes our commitment to the community and to creating safe, peaceful homes for families that have been struggling.

The second thing you notice is that we are good at what we do. The area around Brandon is changing, and we love the changes. We like that families are more diverse than they were a few years ago. It reminds us that we are here for everyone — conventional families, alternative families, military and civilian families, longtime Floridians and newcomers.

Tailored Legal Services That Meet Your Needs

There are many unique family stories here today, and that's a good thing. We accept diversity and embrace the challenge of helping all of these unique families with their legal needs.

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A Bit More

Founder Mary L. Greenwood is one of the most respected names in family law statewide. For more than 30 years, she has been aiding families as they move through significant life changes. She is a charter member of the Florida Adoption Council and is also a member of the American Bar Association, the Florida and Hillsborough County Bar Associations, the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys, the National Gay and Lesbian Bar Association, and the International Association of Collaborative Professionals.

Attorney Karen A. Howe isn't just another lawyer. She is a former Florida associate attorney general, and she is one of the few true experts on child support and enforcement statewide. She has an MBA as well as her law degree, and she is expert at assessing and ensuring the proper and fair division of assets and debts, and support for the post-divorce family.


Our entire staff, including senior paralegal Linda McDermott, FRP, are united in the determination to be the best family law office anywhere.

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We are a law firm devoted to serving every kind of family. If you have a legal issue to resolve, send Brandon Family Law Center a message online or call us at 813-438-7119.