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Guardianships & Conservatorships

When one individual is named as a protector of another individual's finances, that's a conservatorship. Very often the other person is elderly or unable for some reason to manage his or her own money. So the conservator makes these decisions.

A guardianship goes further than a conservatorship, naming one individual to help make all of another person's (the ward's) life decisions. Very often, the ward is either very young or disabled. The guardian then makes decisions about education, medical issues and where to live.

Establishing And Managing Guardianships In And Around Brandon

Many people don't realize that setting up and maintaining a guardianship or conservatorship is a document-intensive process that can involve complex legal issues. Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, has the experience and legal knowledge to satisfy the requirements of guardianship.

Our attorney, Mary L. Greenwood, and her knowledgeable paralegal, Linda A. McDermott, FRP, represent family members of minors who cannot manage their own affairs and relatives of adults judged incompetent by a probate court.

Services We Provide At Brandon Family Law Center

We assist conservatorship and guardianship clients at every stage:

  • Holding hearings to determine competence
  • Setting up trusts for an adult family member with special needs
  • Arranging trusts or guardianship for a minor who is the beneficiary of a settlement
  • Annual reporting of expenditures
  • Annual accounting of assets
  • Discharging the guardian at the end of the case

Knowledgeable Tampa Conservatorship Attorney

Based in Brandon, Florida, Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, represents clients throughout the Tampa Bay area. Our skilled lawyers work closely with clients, retaining experts as necessary, to comply with stringent reporting and accounting requirements.

Elderly Guardianships And Child Guardianships

Our clients are of two types: people wishing to establish a legal guardianship or conservatorship and people who have been named guardians or conservators of another family member. Both roles involve paperwork, and we provide this documentation at Brandon Family Law Center.

Contact the Brandon, Florida, guardianship attorneys today to arrange a consultation to discuss the process and your legal rights and obligations. Call us at 813-438-7119 or write us using this online form.