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Brandon Estate Administration Lawyer

The Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, assists personal representatives in all aspects of Florida probate administration. We guide clients through all the steps necessary to settle the estate of a family member or friend in a timely and cost-efficient manner. While probate can be complicated and time consuming, an experience probate attorney can reduce the time and stress associated with the probate process. Working with accountants, our office locates assets, determines outstanding debt, and is prepared to defend or contest a will if circumstances warrant doing so.

Probate and estates lawyer Mary L. Greenwood, offers over 30 years of experience in probate law and estate administration, assisted by a knowledgeable probate paralegal, Linda A. McDermott, FRP. Contact us today for a consultation about how we can help ease the burden and pain of losing your loved one.

Probate Administration — Avoiding Complications

The Brandon Family Law Center assists clients in regard to the following matters related to probate:

  • Assessment of debt owed
  • Determination of net worth of assets
  • Contested wills
  • Undue influence / competency issues
  • Will probate and estate administration
  • Business continuity issues

Probate Administration In Florida

Depending on the size of the estate, the probate process can be relatively quick and simple, or complex and time-consuming. We represent clients in the Tampa Bay area, Hillsborough County, and throughout the State of Florida in small and large estates, providing as much or as little assistance as they require.

Florida probate law requires that you have an attorney file papers in Formal Administration (estates valued at $75,000 or more). With a home and retirement assets, many estates easily meet that level. We assist the personal representative (appointed by a judge or named in the will) in all duties:

  • Opening an estate and notifying creditors
  • Gathering assets
  • Filing the inventory of assets after a 60-day waiting period
  • Paying taxes and debts of the estate
  • Distribution of assets to heirs

Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, can assist in liquidating assets (e.g., through estate sales), preparing and filing income tax returns, and determining accurate valuation of assets through affiliated professionals.

Summary Administration (estates valued under $75,000) is a separate, simpler process. We assist clients in filing the petition and orders to open and close the estate.

Ancillary Administration (estates of non-Florida residents) When non-residents of Florida die owning real property in our State, an ancillary administration proceeding may be needed to transfer or sell their Florida land. Our experienced attorney and probate paralegal can efficiently and competently assist you with your ancillary probate.

We also can represent the estate or heirs in will contests and probate litigation, such as claims of undue influence or breach of fiduciary duty.

Contact our probate attorney for patient guidance and sound legal advice regarding estate administration tasks. We can arrange evening and weekend appointments. Call us at 813-438-7119.