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Adoption By Nontraditional Families

Although the definition of "family" has evolved and expanded, adoption laws have not kept pace. For many years, Florida statute specifically prohibited adoption by gay and lesbian couples. Unmarried couples and single individuals seeking to adopt have also encountered barriers and bans.

Brandon Family Law Center welcomes LGBT couples and people from all walks of life who are pursuing their dream of adopting. We have experience facilitating adoptions for a wide spectrum of clients and scenarios:

  • Same-sex couples (including second adoption)
  • Unmarried straight couples
  • Single parent adoption
  • Foster parent adoption
  • Biracial couples
  • Older married couples
  • Grandparents, siblings or relatives
  • Adoption of a transracial or transcultural child
  • Adoption of a special needs child
  • Adoption of a teenager or adult

Redefining Family Through Adoption

Founding attorney Mary Greenwood has facilitated hundreds of adoptions in the Tampa area and surrounding Florida during her 30+ years of family law practice. Our caring and knowledgeable staff will educate you and help you clear any obstacles.

Adopting a child typically involves a home study, psychological evaluations and court approval. Sometimes, those professionals and judges have a personal bias that colors their recommendations or rulings. There are also tangible concerns that prospective parents must address in "nontraditional" adoptions to demonstrate that they are fit for the role and that the child's interests would be well-served.

Can LGBT Couples Adopt In Florida?
A Florida law dating to 1977 banned adoption by lesbian and gay couples, including formal adoption of a partner's child. In 2010, Florida's 3rd District Court of Appeals struck down the law as unconstitutional and the State of Florida stopped enforcing the ban. Despite this green light, LGBT couples still face barriers, especially in international adoptions from certain countries that are hostile to gay and lesbian candidates.

A Tradition Of Helping Nontraditional Families

Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, supports the creation of loving families through adoption. Period. You may not fit the traditional nuclear family model. What matters is that you are opening your heart and home to a child in need, and that you have the resources and resolve to make it work.

We proactively address the legal concerns and prepare clients for the adoption process as well as the post-adoption realities of dealing with schools, health care providers, government agencies and the general public.

Our lawyers regularly handle nontraditional family adoptions. Call Brandon Family Law Center at 813-438-7119 or toll free 800-769-0129, or contact us online.