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Adoption Of Foster Children

Adoption of a child can be a personally rewarding process for the parents and the attorney who represents them. However, the complex and lengthy process can become discouraging. If you and your spouse are considering adopting a foster child, Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, based in the Tampa Bay area, helps Florida residents provide a loving, caring and supportive environment for adoptive children.

From the moment we take on your case that involves adoption of foster children, we handle all aspects from the multiple court appearances to volumes of paperwork.

From Toddlers To Teenagers, Hundreds Of Foster Children Wait To Be Adopted

While rewarding, the steps to take toward adopting a foster child are complex. The process starts with a training class over several weeks that cover a comprehensive list of adoption issues. From there, the state schedules and conducts a home study. Passing the home study may be followed by meeting with the foster child in person and then placement in your home.

Initially, placement supervisors will visit the home to follow up. Once they provide approval, we prepare the paperwork and schedule a court hearing to finalize the adoption.

At Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, we know that we are facilitating a process that provides children much more than a roof over their heads. Adoption provides a child with a sense of security, happiness and love — and a forever home.

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To start the process of foster child adoption, contact a lawyer with not only experience, but also the capacity for compassion in handling all aspects of adoption. We are here to facilitate a smooth transition so you can start the next chapter in your life. Call us at 813-438-7119, or toll-free at 800-769-0129. You can also reach us through our online intake form.