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Legal Representation For Surrogates/Gestational Carriers

Perhaps you will be a surrogate to a sibling or family member who is unable to have babies, or you have offered to help a good friend or a gay couple you know. Perhaps you would be helping total strangers realize the joy of parenthood. Whatever the circumstances or the nature of your relationship to the intended parents, it is important to have a formalized, detailed and legally valid arrangement.

The Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, counsels women in the Tampa Bay area serving as surrogates (gestational carriers). Our role is to ensure that if you proceed with surrogacy you do so fully informed and fully protected. We can negotiate and draft the surrogacy agreement, and we can represent you if anything goes awry.

Becoming A Surrogate In Florida

Under Florida law, the carrier and the intended parents must sign a surrogacy contract that spells out the terms of the arrangement. Although you cannot charge a surrogacy fee (as in some states), you are entitled to fair reimbursement for living expenses and for unforeseen events or lasting harm.

Founding attorney Mary L. Greenwood has practiced family law in Florida for over 30 years, and has extensive experience with surrogacy law, from artificial reproduction technology to escrow agreements. She will sit down with you to talk through the many legal issues — and emotions and practical considerations — that must be addressed. The more detailed the agreement, the fewer the surprises or disputes down the road.

We provide guidance and protection of your interests regarding:

  • Expenses (medical care, rent, lost wages, child care, etc.)
  • Complications (multiple births, bed rest, C-section, etc.)
  • Terminating the agreement
  • Aborting the fetus
  • Designating doctors and hospitals
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Your privacy during pregnancy
  • Relinquishing custody after birth

These are just a small sample of the many issues that must be spelled out in advance in your contract with the intended parents. These can be touchy subjects, perhaps more so when you are serving as a surrogate for a relative or friend. In addition to crafting the terms of the agreement, our law firm can also manage the escrow account so that you are reimbursed fully and timely for your sacrifices and expenses.

Comprehensive Counsel For Gestational Carriers

We handle only gestational carrier cases, in which the surrogate contributes no genetic material of her own. We do not get involved with traditional surrogacy, in which the carrier provides her own egg(s).

Surrogacy can be a "win-win" for everybody if you go into it with the right reason, the right information and proper legal protection. If there is any dispute, you will have strong legal advocates in your corner.

For experienced surrogate representation, call the lawyers of Brandon Family Law Center at 813-438-7119, toll-free 800-769-0129, or contact us online.