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Infant Adoptions

Use the word adoption today and most people picture this beautiful sight: a baby in the arms of its new parents, great delight on everyone's faces. At Brandon Family Law Center, we are instrumental in making these wonderful moments a reality.

Brandon, Florida, Infant Adoption Attorney

Adoptions of infants are usually open adoptions, meaning the birth mother and the adoptive parent or parents knew each other before the baby was born. It is up to the two parties to decide if they want continuing contact after the baby is born. It is wise to have a skilled attorney on your side as these understandings are negotiated. Too often agreements are sealed with a handshake, leaving important questions unaddressed — an opportunity for future disputes.

Tampa Infant Adoptions Attorney

Another reason to work with an experienced adoption lawyer is the home study that is required by law for all adopting parents. The state of Florida has an interest in ensuring that adopting parents will be good parents. It is natural then for adopting parents to be nervous going into this interview with a social worker. Brandon Family Law Center has long experience with home studies and can advise you — and put your mind at ease — about what is expected of you.

Some adoptions require that you create a profile, so the birth mother can see what kind of people you are. We can help you create a profile that is candid and informative yet reassuring. At Brandon Family Law Center, successful, loving adoptions are the core of our legal practice.

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