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International & Interstate Adoptions

The world is full of unwanted children, which presents an opportunity for people looking to adopt. International adoption requires patience with paperwork, working with the adopting family, and coordinating with agencies and organizations.

There are adoption opportunities on almost every continent. Each country has its own requirements for prospective adoptive parents, and you will need legal help to satisfy these many requirements. Our firm can provide legal information that will be useful in deciding where to adopt.

Tampa International Adoption Attorneys

Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, is unique in our area in that we maintain a continuing focus on all kinds of adoption, including adopting children from other countries.

In international adoption, we work with clients to match them with children desperate for a loving family. We maintain relationships with reputable adoption agencies worldwide that can expedite the often-cumbersome process of relocating a child from one nation, with one set of rules and laws, to another. These agencies help us to collect medical records, clear consular obstacles with the other government and arrange for travel to this country.

Once families return to Florida with their new child, we work with them to complete the necessary paperwork. But you are already doing the most important work — bonding with your new family member and creating a life of hope and love.

Domestic Adoptions · Interstate Adoptions

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) ensures uniform standards in the movement of foster children and adoptive children from state to state.

Our firm is often hired by adopting parents to intercede with state governments and other agencies, laying out and finalizing the adoption agreement. Our firm, however, goes beyond paperwork. We consider each child and each family as a case to study and get to know. We act as intermediaries, introducing the birth mother to the adopting family.

To learn more about the domestic and interstate adoption processes, call our lawyers and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

Looking seriously into adoption? Contact firm founder Mary L. Greenwood and the Brandon, Florida, international adoption attorneys at Brandon Family Law at 813-438-7119, toll-free 800-769-0129.