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Stepparent & Relative Adoptions

Another family law service that we celebrate is stepparent adoption. It is a wonderful experience seeing a "blended" family tighten its commitments to one another when a stepparent requests full legal responsibility for a child from his or her spouse's previous marriage.

That child's life just got a major positive bump — two committed parents and a stable, loving home. It doesn't get any better than that.

Tampa Relative Adoption Attorney

At Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, we get involved in numerous stepparent adoptions every year. This firm takes joy in giving children stability in a loving home with parents who are committed to providing them a positive future.

Stepparent adoptions tend to be simple. We can help fill out forms indicating that the biological parent's parenting rights are now terminated and that the stepparent — or grandparent or aunt or uncle — is committed to full legal responsibility for the child.

It's a simple process that will make a profound difference in several people's lives.

Adult Stepparent Adoptions

There are other kinds of adoptions as well. It is not uncommon for a stepparent to adopt an adult child from a spouse's previous marriage. Sometimes families do this because they have lived together as a family for years and it just seems right.

Grandparent Adoptions And Third-Party Adoptions

Our lawyers do adoptions by grandparents, often when the biological parent dies or goes away or gets into trouble with substance abuse or is in prison. For a child distressed by the problems of a mother or father, adoption by a loving grandparent gives them strength and encouragement. It's not always a grandparent, either. Sometimes the adoption is by the biological parent's brother or sister. Whoever steps forward, the adoption amounts to an act of rescue.

Feeling the urge to merge? Call the Brandon, Florida, stepparent adoption attorneys at Brandon Family Law Center at 813-438-7119, toll-free 800-769-0129. Ask to speak to Mary L. Greenwood.