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Elder Abuse

One of the worst nightmares is finding a nice home for an aging parent, only to discover that he or she is being mistreated there.

Part of our elder law practice at Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, is to respond to issues of abuse, whether it happens in a nursing home or at the hands of unscrupulous salespeople.

Appalling Examples Of Nursing Home Negligence

Abuse at nursing homes and other residences can range from neglect (soiled bedding, bedsores, poor hygiene) to acts that can only be described as sadistic.

Disgraceful Financial Exploitation Of Seniors

Financial exploitation occurs when an older person is victimized by fraud and crime. The con may involve investments, insurance, fake charities — anything that takes advantage of your loved one's diminished judgment. Individuals can be victimized by friends or strangers — anyone seeking to cash in on the older person's vulnerability.

Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Sometimes, nursing homes engage in both physical and financial abuse, expropriating Social Security checks and running up bills to tap into residents' savings. If you discover this kind of malfeasance, hire a good lawyer immediately.

Brandon Family Law Center is committed to combating abuse and neglect of the elderly. Call us with your problem and we will propose the right solution — protective orders, complaining to the authorities, filing a lawsuit to punish the malefactors who treated your loved one in such a manner.

Have you seen a loved one suffer abuse or neglect? Let's stop it now. Contact the Brandon, Florida, elder abuse attorneys at Brandon Family Law Center at 813-438-7119.