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Medicaid Eligibility

Medicaid is a federal and state program that provides compensation for free or low-cost medical care. As with any application submitted to a powerful government bureaucracy, the process involved can become frustrating and complex without help.

We Help Secure The Medicaid Benefits That Our Clients Deserve

To become eligible for Medicaid, you must meet specific income and asset requirements and be in one of three eligible groups. These include:

  • Children and families, including pregnant women
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients
  • Seniors and disabled people

Multiple pathways exist in securing the benefits you deserve. You will need someone at your side while on one of those pathways. Do not deal with issues on your own. Even the odds you face with the help of a dedicated attorney who will help you secure the benefits you or a loved one is entitled to.

Basic qualifications include:

  • Age 65 or older
  • Permanently disabled
  • Blindness
  • Pregnancy
  • Parent/caretaker of a child
  • U.S. citizenship/state residency

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