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Medicaid Planning & Qualifying

One of the most sensitive topics in elder law is the issue of future care. Many families ignore it until it is on top of them, and then they make hasty decisions. The best course of action, by far, is to consider health care planning today, with the help of an understanding advocate, to make for a better tomorrow.

Medicaid is a joint state and federal program that has benefited many seniors. But regulations are complex and strict, including a means test that excludes many people from participating.

Questions To Be Answered In Long-Term Health Planning

  • Is assisted living for me? What about nursing homes? What other options are there?
  • What about buying long-term insurance?
  • Does Medicaid work the same in Florida as in other states?
  • Do I qualify for Medicaid assistance, even though I have money in the bank?

Long-Term Care Is A Key Part Of Estate Planning

At Brandon Family Law Center, we help families walk through these options, weighing the attractions and disadvantages, of each. Part of this exploration involves an honest evaluation of your health and what your biggest problems are likely to be.

Skillful Tampa Elder Law Attorneys

Our knowledgeable lawyers can tell you about options you may not have considered, including irrevocable trusts and qualified income trusts, that may broaden your long-term care choice.

To discuss these issues in greater detail, call Brandon Family Law Center and arrange an initial consultation to discuss your case, so you can describe your situation and we can suggest choices.

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