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Brandon Lawyers For Trust And Estate Planning

A trust enables you to control your wealth and how it is transferred to your heirs and beneficiaries. At Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, we have created hundreds of unique trust arrangements for our clients as part of our comprehensive estate planning services.

Our lawyers are knowledgeable about the creation of trusts to accomplish specific purposes. We will sit down with you to talk through your goals and the most appropriate options for achieving your ends. We have served the Tampa Bay area since 1989 and offer a tranquil setting to discuss these important and sometimes complex matters.

Creating Trusts To Serve Your Goals

We are familiar with various types of trusts for different purposes, including:

  • Revocable living trust — This is ideal for people who want to avoid probate and channel assets to an individual without creating a formal guardianship. You retain control and use of the assets during your lifetime.
  • Irrevocable spendthrift trust — This is useful when you want to leapfrog your assets directly to your grandchildren, bypassing adult children whom you don't trust with the money. The money is put in the care of a trustee, who protects it until the children reach age 18.
  • Credit shelter trust — In conjunction with a living trust, this can reduce state and federal taxes on the transfer of your estate.
  • Supplemental needs trust — Also known as a special needs trust, this sets money aside for a disabled family member while preserving Medicaid eligibility.
  • Charitable trusts — This can fund a donation or endowment for a favorite cause while also providing revenue or tax benefits.

We help clients coordinate a "pour-over" will and gifting strategies to make the transfer of wealth from one generation to another as seamless as possible, with minimal probate involvement. (Trusts are not supervised by the courts.)

Comprehensive Estate And Trust Planning

Our Brandon trust attorneys can knowledgeably anticipate and overcome many challenges through the establishment of different types of trusts. We offer creative solutions to specific situations, and we have experience with the special considerations of LGBT estate planning.

We serve Hillsborough County and surrounding Florida communities. Call 813-438-7119 or email us today.