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Writing A Will: Brandon Estate Planning Attorneys

A clear will is one of the greatest gifts you can leave your loved ones. If you have waited too long to do this, don't be embarrassed — but don't put it off any longer. Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, can help you write or update your will to put your plans and protections in place.

Our knowledgeable lawyers spend time with you to make sure that your last will and testament covers all the important bases and clearly reflects your wishes. Everyone should have a will and it should be revised after a major life event such as marriage, divorce or a new child.

The Importance Of A Clear And Current Will

A simple will provides peace of mind to you and provides direction to your family members in the event of your incapacity or death. In conjunction with accompanying documents and instructions, you can express your wishes regarding:

  • Beneficiaries of your estate and how your assets are divided
  • Funeral, burial or cremation arrangements
  • Advance directives (power of attorney, living will)
  • Guardianship of minor children
  • Transfer of your assets into a trust
  • Succession of a family business
  • Charity bequests

It is never pleasant to contemplate accident, illness, dementia or death, but you need to have a plan for these scenarios. If something should happen to you without a will in place, your loved ones may be confronted with hard choices or the uncertainty may lead to conflicts or unintended consequences. You can't assume that your wishes are known or that "everything will work out."

Our experienced attorneys have experience drafting wills for people of all walks of life, including extra or alternative measures for same-sex couples who are not entitled to the protections and presumptions of marriage under Florida law.

We Can Help You Get Your Affairs In Order

Brandon Family Law Center provides personalized estate planning services in the Tampa Bay area. To arrange a consultation about writing or revising your will, call 813-438-7119 or contact us online.