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Military Family Law

Military families are an important part of our community. We value your presence as neighbors, and we are grateful for the sacrifices you have made for us all. This is why Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, offers a 10 percent discount to military members, active and retired, stationed at or near MacDill Air Force Base.

Experienced Tampa Military Family Law Attorneys

Military family law issues require attorneys who understand:

  • The need for discretion so that careers are not damaged
  • The special nature of military pay and benefits
  • The unique stresses and pressures that military families endure

At Brandon Family Law Center, we stand by military families as they negotiate the legal maze, helping them make decisions that will lead to a better life. We represent both service members and their spouses, in these and other family law areas:

We Untangle Military Retirement Benefits

Not every law firm has the skills or know-how to sort through the military compensation, pension and benefits systems. For divorcing spouses of veterans, military pensions and retirement benefits are part of the marital estate and subject to division under Florida's equitable property division principles.

We at Brandon Family Law Center work with everyone — officers and enlisted service members, male and female, straight and gay. We know that a messy divorce can affect your military career, and we take pains to be discreet in all our proceedings.

Rather than drain family resources and raise everyone's stress levels, we encourage military families to find common ground and resolve matters amicably. But we will go to trial when the situation requires it — and we will fight for your rights. You've been ready to fight for us. As your legal representative, let us return that favor.

We also get involved with military families in the areas of estate planning and adoptions.

If you or your spouse is in the service and you need guidance to get you through divorce or any other family issue, the number to call is 813-438-7119.

Are you a member of the military? Call the Brandon, Florida, military divorce attorneys at Brandon Family Law for help (and a special military discount) — 813-438-7119.