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Modification & Relocation

Military families are an important part of our community. We value your presence as neighbors, and we are grateful for the sacrifices you have made for us all.

This is why Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, offers a 10 percent discount to military members, active and retired, stationed at or near MacDill Air Force Base.

Military family law issues require attorneys who understand:

  • The need for discretion so that careers are not damaged
  • The special nature of military pay and benefits
  • The unique stresses and pressures that military families endure

At Brandon Family Law Center, we stand by military families as they negotiate the legal maze, helping them make decisions that will lead to a better life. We represent both service members and their spouses in all areas of family law.

Necessary Relocation And Related Modification Issues

A career in the military involves many sacrifices including relocation and deployment. How will these affect a child custody agreement? In most cases, it is necessary to seek approval of the court before relocating. And whether you are asking for the change or oppose it, seek the advice of an experienced family law attorney to build the strongest case.

And it is not only service members who experienced changed circumstances. We are able to assist with modifications of child support and alimony or spousal support for any family when needed.

Have Circumstances Changed?

Get sound legal advice from Brandon Family Law. Our team has more than 30 years of family law experience and can help you resolve any issues that arise after a divorce.

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