Prenuptial And Separation Agreements

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Whether you are about to get married or are already married and planning to separate, it is important to plan for the future.

At the Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, prenuptial or separation agreements avoid substantial litigation and the anxiety associated with it by defining the individual interests of each partner in property should your relationship end in divorce.

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Planning for the Future With Prenuptial and Separation Agreements

More and more people are realizing the importance of prenuptial and separation agreements. Typically these agreements are regarding property division. They operate on the basic understanding that married couples can keep some things separate but also move forward in equal and fair positions.

Prenuptial Agreements are done prior to marriage. Couples can still commingle their assets but the agreement defines which assets will be considered marital and which will be personal property to avoid a potential fight in the future. Property designated as personal is not subject to division later.

Couples will often decide in their prenuptial agreement how they will treat income during the marriage, as well as items purchased during the marriage. Sometimes couples will even agree to treat earnings as personal property and state in their agreement how they will treat the accumulation of wealth or acquisition of property during the marriage.

Prenuptial agreements are particularly useful when couples are marrying late in life and they both have children. These agreements can also talk about if the couple has children together and how those children may be treated differently than children they have apart.

Separation Agreements are useful for couples who are planning to separate and want to predetermine property issues, even though they will stay married for name and benefit purposes.

Florida law does not require a couple to be separated or even to live apart before they are divorced. Separation agreements are voluntary agreements that couples enter into when they want to set up the terms of their separation or divorce but are not yet ready to be divorced.

Florida Asset Protection Attorneys

Mary L. Greenwood has over 30 years of experience witnessing firsthand the high emotional and financial costs of litigation. She understands that prenuptial and separation agreements are tools used for asset protection, to responsibly plan for the future. She will work closely with you to designate and divide assets prior to marriage or divorce.

By planning ahead, parties can avoid lengthy, complicated and contentious litigation over property division. Contact our Brandon, Florida, separation agreement lawyer today to plan for the future.