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Securing Your Share Of Marital Assets In Divorce

Whether your assets are substantial or modest, property division has broad implications for your finances and your future. At Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, we strive for a fair and practical distribution that aligns with your priorities in divorce. In or out of court, our insights and resources can help you protect your interests.

Divorce lawyer Mary L. Greenwood draws on more than 30 years of family law practice in the Tampa area, Hillsborough County and surrounding Florida. We have the capability for complex and high-asset divorces, but we welcome anyone who is seeking experienced legal counsel.

Extensive Experience In Dividing Assets And Debts

There are three main facets of marital property division: (a) isolating the spouses' separate property, if any, (b) putting a value on the rest of the estate and (c) deciding how to allocate those assets. This can be fairly straightforward, but in many cases, it requires the involvement of professionals and the court.

We offer analysis, strategy, negotiation and litigation regarding property division, including:

  • Separately owned assets
  • Pensions and retirement accounts
  • The marital residence and real estate
  • Businesses and professional practices
  • Investments
  • Valuables, vehicles
  • Loan obligations and debts
  • Hidden assets or income
  • Alimony payments or lump-sum settlements

We work with business valuation experts, appraisers, forensic accountants and other specialists to gauge the value of the joint estate, then help clients establish their priorities. Under Florida's equitable distribution statute, the settlement may deviate from a 50-50 split based on the length of the marriage, contributions of each spouse, the income and economic circumstances of each spouse, contributions to a spouse's career or earning capacity, the interruption of one's own career or education, possession of the house, marital waste by one party, and other factors.

Sometimes litigation is unavoidable, but we emphasize mediation and negotiation to reach an out-of-court agreement that limits the cost of divorce and allows the parties to control the outcome.

Asset Division For LGBT Couples
We have extensive experience with dissolution of same-sex relationships, including division of jointly accumulated property.

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