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Co-Parenting Plans

At Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, we know that resolving legal matters for our LGBT clients presents challenges. Laws simply have not caught up to the ever-changing attitudes regarding same-sex relationships and co-parenting.

Often, to resolve matters involving co-parenting plans and other LGBT issues, our attorneys must look at combining elements of Florida family law, estate law and civil contract law to get the answers we need and provide sound counsel for our clients. In the end, we're not just advocating for our clients; we are advocates for the entire LGBT community.

Taking On The Complexities Of Co-Parenting Plans For Same-Sex Couples

A co-parenting agreement acknowledges that while one member of a couple is considered the legal parent, both are considered equal co-parents who share rights and responsibilities to provide care for the child. Being a good parent does not require biological connection, but Florida's laws do not yet acknowledge de facto parents. That is why a co-parenting agreement with a clear intention of each parent's intention, rights and obligations to the child is so very important.

Specific details of the agreement spell out medical care and financial support for the child, including any future inheritance. Co-parenting documents also cover custody arrangements should the relationship end. Similar to a prenuptial agreement, a co-parenting agreement sets certain parameters as to how specific factors are handled, including:

  • Primary residence
  • Time sharing with the noncustodial co-parent
  • Decisions involving schooling and health care
  • Educational needs of the child
  • Religious choices
  • Possible relocation
  • Preferred methods of resolving violations of the agreement
  • Consequences for violating the agreement

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