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Dissolution Of Relationships

Although same-sex marriage has finally become the constitutional right of all Americans, there are still legal obstacles that LGBT couples face in marriage dissolution. In fact, now that same-sex marriage is legal, same-sex couples will be able to deal legally with many of the same issues as straight couples when they break up, including the division of marital assets, child custody and parenting plans, spousal support, and related issues.

The legal team at Brandon Family Law Center, LLC, has specific experience with dissolution of domestic relationships. We provide strong counsel and creative solutions in line with evolving law. We are trained in the collaborative method of resolving disputes, but if we cannot reach a fair and practical resolution through negotiation, our lawyers will vigorously represent you in court.

Our firm has a long history of serving LGBT clients in Hillsborough County and the Tampa Bay area of Florida. We represent clients who are facing dissolution and those who are ending long-term relationships in which they never officially married.

Property And Custody Matters In Same-Sex Divorce

Until recently, gay and lesbian couples did not have standing to file for divorce in Florida, and domestic partnerships were honored only in specific Florida jurisdictions. Without a legal framework or forum for dissolution, parties were often forced to rely on written contracts, oral agreements and the good nature of the estranged partner — with mixed results.

Attorney Mary L. Greenwood has practiced family law in Florida since 1989 and has handled countless disputes between LGBT partners. She has extensive experience working with LGBT couples before same-sex marriage was legally recognized as well as helping couples through the traditional dissolution process.

She encourages out-of-court resolutions whenever possible through mediation and collaborative law, but she is an accomplished trial lawyer who has litigated all facets of dissolution of relationships:

You Do Have Rights In Dissolving Your Relationship

Brandon Family Law Center is attuned to unique issues in LGBT relationships and dissolutions. For a confidential consultation, call 813-438-7119 or contact us online.