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Florida Probate & Guardianship Attorneys

At the Brandon Family Law Center, we understand how the death of a loved one can be a very traumatic and difficult time for family and friends. It is sometimes very hard to keep your focus, and to understand the tasks necessary to secure and transfer property or deal with creditors.

Attorney Mary L. Greenwood and paralegal Linda McDermott, FRP, have over 40 years of combined experience in the probate field, and we can help you to understand and work through the probate process.

Choosing The Right Types Of Florida Estate Administration

There are three main types of estate administration in Florida. The first is formal administration, for estates of any value. However, for estates valued under $75,000, summary administration may be an option. And for very small estates, there is disposition of personal property without administration.

We work efficiently and effectively to help you identify the type of probate you will need to file, the kind of property that belongs in a Florida probate estate, and to identify those assets that can be transferred outside of probate because a beneficiary is designated, or the property is exempt from probate. Most importantly, we will help you keep costs and fees at a minimum.

The probate court in Florida also presides over legal guardianship cases. At Brandon Family Law Center, we can help clients become guardians of property or person or both. We are also experienced in petitions for guardian advocacy and veteran's guardianship. We can help and advise clients on how to complete the annual reports required by the court.

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