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Negotiating a child support agreement outside of court

Divorcing parents in Florida can sometimes work out child support agreements outside of court. Whether it is done through informal negotiations or alternative dispute resolution, making an agreement about child support payments outside of the family court system can be quicker and less adversarial than relying on a judge to make these decisions.

Estranged couples that believe they can negotiate child support payments without legal assistance are free to do so. However, agreements that are reached through informal negotiations will need to be finalized with a written agreement and then approved by the court. Divorced parents can also allow their attorneys to engage in informal negotiations about child support on their behalf.

If divorcing parents would like to work out child support issues in a more formal process that is still outside of the court system, they may use alternative dispute resolution. Some of the most common methods of ADR are collaborative law and mediation. Both of these ADR processes allow parents to reach a mutual decision about child support issues with assistance from their attorneys. Another ADR option for divorcing parents is arbitration, with a neutral third party making the determination.

Settling family law issues with alternative dispute resolution or informal negotiations may be a good option for divorced parents who have maintained an amicable relationship. However, parents who do not believe they could resolve disputes with their estranged spouse through negotiations may feel more comfortable going through the court system. Family law attorneys can provide their clients with a list of available options and then guide them through the procedure that is ultimately chosen.

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